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Hi there! ^_^ Please to meet " Sweet Day " specially customized by me.
Originally she is a RBL mold Blythe - Simply Mango.
Her original factory makeup has been removed completely and I gave her a brand new look.

Please read all info carefully:

I listed her in my Etsy shop as well > https://www.etsy.com/listing/153816856/custom-blythe-doll-sweet-day-by

- Her BIN price is $700.
- The price covers worldwide shipping (EMS International)
- If you need a short layaway payment plan please do not hesitate to let me know.

• She comes with the outfit set that she is wearing as shown in all the pictures.
Made with 100%high quality cotton and high quality lace. All handmade by me.
- A own handmade one-piece dress made out of high quality 100% cotton fabric.
Decorated the front and back of the one-piece dress collar with own hand-sew embroidery.
Also did vertical pleating at the front and back of the one-piece dress and the front
decorated with own hand-sew embroidery as well with matching ribbon which you can untie it.
The hem of the sleeves decorated with lovely laces and matching ribbon.
- A matching handmade underskirt made out of veil fabric & cotton fabric with matching laces and white flora(roses).
- A matching own handmade pannier made out of lace fabric & cotton fabric.
- A own handmade matching pink flower broach with lovely pink ribbons.
- Comes with a own handmade headband made out of lace and matching white flora(roses) and an organdy ribbon.
- A pair of matching socks.
- A pair of shoes which has been custom made by me and decorated with own handmade little ribbon with, matching
tiny pearl beads.

• Comes with a little pet as her companion - a little teddy bear name Little Björn, which is handmade by me.
• I made a matching baby head ribbon for this little teddy bear as well.
• Little Teddy Bear hands and legs are movable and can do sitting pose. (Please refer to pictures above)

• Face repainted & airbrushed with artist grade Acrylics paints and Pastels. Added some freckles to her face.
• Carved and sculpted nose, philtrum, mouth, tiny teeth and eyes socket .
• Sealed faceup carefully with MSC UV-cut (a high quality hobby sealant that is safe for vinyl) with several coats.
Added a hint of shimmer sparkle throughout her makeup which is hard to capture in pictures.
• Sealed lips with Acrylic gloss varnish.
• Added patterns to her eyelids.
• All eye chips are custom made. Her eyes socket shape has been modified to create canthus.
Her pull strings(both strings) were attached with matching lovely charms.
• Given her "Sleep Eyes" function.
• New eyelashes applied.
• Rerooted her with mohair in pinkish lavender with cream silver color.

• All work is done in smoke-free and pet-free environment.
• Please do not bid if seek for 100% perfection as faceup are all handpainted and all items are handmade.
• Please handle the doll and her accessories with care and this doll is meant for display and for adult collectors,
it is not a children toy to be played with.
• Hot water is strict prohibition because there is a possibility that paint may exfoliate.
• Rubbing on doll's face is strictly prohibited.

Please feel free to email me directly with any questions sarsarblanki@ gmail.com
Thank you for so much for viewing !! *(^ ___ ^)*

Spring Fling New Outfit Set for Blythe

Finally completed this set just in time for Spring which I really enjoy making and I hope you will like it too :)
This set comes with 2 colors choices - pink or yellow set and both comes with the following items:

- Jumpsuit x 1
- A crochet outter top x 1
- A crochet flora scarf x 1
- a pair of stockings decorated with lovely lace x1
- a pair of shoes x1

It is now available to purchase at my my Etsy stores and here's my Etsy's link

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Hi there please to meet Ianthine, a new custom Monster High doll which I just completed ^__^
She was originally a Draculaura. A short description about Ianthine - An angel fair maiden
who is also the guardian of all types of purple flowers. Ianthine loves to be in the nature and
often playing with the little animals in the woods while neutering the flowers.

I listed her up on eBay > LINK

This is her before and after picture look...

Work in progress picture...

Completion of Ianthine look

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More pictures and information of her outfit set is listed in the auction page itself > LINK
Please check her out and thanks for viewing! :D

Bien-Adoré - New Custom Monster High doll

Here I would like to present a newly custom Monster High doll I just completed and I name her Bien-Adoré ^__^
She was originally a Rochelle Goyle and I must say she is not very easy to work on as Rochelle has very huge eyes socket
to begin with and took me many days to finally finalized her look. Plus I was having a dilemma of whether to give her mohair
or reroot new color saran hair and in the end, I decided to give her mohair as I would like to re-create a very different and
my version of a romantic soft looking and a "less-pinkish" Rochelle Goyle so here she is ^__^
Her name Bien-Adoré means "darling" in french. She was not in a good stage when I first gotten her from the first owner
from secondary market as she has this pinkish stained at the lower right of her jaw area plus a very tiny dented mark at her
lower right lip (something bit her?). I tried to remove the pinkish stained but unsuccessful...
However, it is not visible from the normal viewing as it is hidden under her lower right jaw area.

So today I just listed her up on eBay > LINK
I made a petit mohair teddy bear as a little companion for Bien-Adoré too ^__^

This is her before and after picture look...

Work in progress picture...

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Please enjoy pictures of Bien-Adoré and her petit teddy bear~

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More pictures and information of her outfit set is listed in the auction page itself > LINK
Please check her out and thanks for viewing! :D

Please to meet Cafuliett :)

Finally after days of working on her outfit and accessories, Cafuliett is completed ! And just listed her up on eBay > LINK
This time around, I decided not to make the custom diorama doll stand for Cafuliett due to shortage of a few materials which will take a month to arrive to me :( However, she will come with a little companion. Yes, I made a little puppy for Cafuliett! ^__^

Please enjoy pictures of Cafuliett and her petit puppy~

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Work In Progress Monster High Frankie

Been working on Frankie girl these past couple of days and she is almost done.
Just need to finish off the outfit that I am making for her and she will be completed :)

Settling down her mohair. My first time working Mohair on vinyl and I love how the mohair suited her.

Adopt Me ?

Relisting her once again and this time 5 days only. Anyone interested feel free to email me too ( blankiblue(@)hotmail.com )
AUCTION LINK > http://www.ebay.com/itm/180933684647?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649

Please give her a new home^__^

Thanks for viewing~!

Custom Monster High Doll Draculaura #1

Been busy working on these Monster High Dolls and while am still waiting for the fabric material for one of my own Monster High dolls,
here's one of the completed girl that I have been working on since last week. Originally she is Skull Shores Draculaura.
I like her default cute outfit and decided to make a mini diorama doll stand to match her summery beach theme ^__^

The custom made doll stand, all handmade by me.

The original accessories was rather boring looking so I decided to customize and enhanced their look.
I made a pair of earrings and flower hair pin to match her over look as well.

This is how she looks like before I removed her factory face makeup paint.

Finally her brand new look ^__^

She is up and available over at eBay if anyone is interested> LINK
It is a 3 days auction listing, please check it out :) More pictures can be found in the auction listing and my flickr album.

Nighting Flore Outift Set

Hello everyone~! It has been quite sometimes since I last posted anything on my blog and mainly am lazy plus
very busy :P Anyhow, a quick update as I would like to show case my new blythe outfit set creation name
"Nighting Flore" and it is available at my Etsy now so please do check it out for more details :) Direct link > HERE
And this time around, the custom blythe is not available as am keeping her ^__^ Ideally I was going to list her up together with this
lovely outfit set but I decided to keep her instead. Please enjoy the pictures ~

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Magnolia - Custom Pullip Doll

UPDATE : ONCE AGAIN THIS DOLL IS SOLD. For those spammer who is OBVIOUSLY LAZY to scroll down all the way to read the status of this custom doll, it is SOLD! AND STOP SPAMMING MY BLOG UNNECESSARILY !!

Hi there!^_^ I am listing up this specially fully customized Pullip Doll done by me for sale.
Her name is Magnolia and she was previously "Blanche Pullip" (プーリップ ブランシェ)
She has articulate body and she can pose easily.

• Please note that I am selling the whole doll and comes with outfits
(one-piece sleeveless dress, blouse, pants & ribbon headband.)

Listed her up on WPWD forum too > LINK

• She will comes with a one piece dress, a blouse, pants and a matching lacy ribbon headband,
All made by me. Uses 100% pure cotton fabric and cotton lace and ribbon.

• All new makeup sealed with Mr.Super Clear UV cut.

• Lips color is nude pink beige.Sealed with Liquitex gloss varnish.

• New custom eyes.

• New Eyelashes.

• Sleep Eyes - Modification done towards her eye mechanism where she can have Sleep Eye.

• She can wear Barbie clothings as well and other 1:6 scale dolls outfit example "Who Is That Girl".

• She is approximately 27cm (11") tall. I will ship her out with her own original box.

• Magnolia's outfit is completely handmade with high quality materials.
- Made with high quality cotton and lace, fine ribbons and trims, pearl beads.
- Own handmade accessories to match the entire outfit.

NOTE: The pair of shoes and white socks are not included.They are mainly for photography/display purposes.

And here are her pictures: *Please excuse the slow loading of the pictures because they are in large size*

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